botanic gardens

Botanic Gardens Wedding Photography | Felisha & Cameron

To the love of my life, my handsome groom. Six and a half years has brought us here. You have made my dream come true, and I can finally say, we made it! I am now complete. This is the start of our happily ever after, and I look forward to countless years of happiness with you. Always remember, you may hold my hand for a moment, but you hold my heart for a lifetime.

Too overcome with emotion, Felisha had to hand off her speech to a close friend who did a beautiful job rendering Felisha’ touching and sincere words to her new husband Cameron. Married in an intimate ceremondy at the St James’ Church in Glenwood, Felisha and Cameron held their ceremony at the renowned Durban Botanic Gardens.

Durban Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot | Shenise & Ashley

Durban Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot | Shenise & Ashley

I met Ashley at the Wondermarket. When Shenise was out of earshot, he said he was planning on proposing soon, and that having pictures of it would be something that they would cherish forever...