Muslim Wedding

Orient Islamic School Hall Wedding Photography - Haseena & Ebrahim

Orient Islamic School Hall Wedding Photography - Haseena & Ebrahim

Haseena requested a female photographer for her Muslim Wedding at Orient Islamic School Hall, and we're lucky enough to have one here :) She got ready at her parents' place and made an absolutely stunning bride.

Reservoir Hills Islamic Centre Wedding - Aadela & Rizaan

When I met with Aadela to discuss me shooting her Reservoir Hills Muslim Wedding, I was struck by how calm and composed she was. That same composure was very evident when I saw her at the Reservoir Hills Islamic Centre. With her makeup done by the amazing Makeup by Charelle, Aadela looked stunning in her wedding outfit. Rizaan looked dashing as he walked into the Hall. He too, was composed as Aadela. Amazing considering he was meeting a lot of his future family for the first time!

The location, esteemed Reservoir Hills Islamic Centre, was decorated beautifully. The white, simple theme was elegant and reflected Aadela's personality perfectly.

After a beautiful ceremony, we had time for a lovely supper and and family portraits. We then rushed off to Moses Mabhida for a creative shoot. We spent an hour or so getting some amazing shots, as well as some more awesome portraits of the bride and groom. The stadium created an amazing backdrop to end the evening.

I do wish I had taken some photographs of how beautiful Aadela's album came out, it's a real shame. Maybe if I ask nicely she'll send me some :)

You can view the full set of pics of the Reservoir Hills Muslim wedding below: