Kendra Wedding Photography | Resheen & Kishen

The prologue of our love story has taken 13 years, even though I only need a few moments to know that you were the one... You are my muse, my love, and the reason that I still smile spontaneously like the love-struck 16 year old boy I was when our story began.Thank you for loving me, and making it so easy to love you...

Kishen's words to Resheen captured the essence of their entire wedding day. One only has to meet these two for a few minutes before noticing how they look at each other which tells you exactly how much in love they are. The wedding day at Kendra Hall was absolutely perfect, from the amazing setup and decor, to the absolutely heartfelt speeches after the beautiful ceremony. There were so many feelings and tears flowing that Kishen joked, 'Our allergies are acting up!"

Randhir Badal

RBadal Photography, 15 Radar Dr, Durban North, KZN, 4051, South Africa