In-Depth FAQ's | RBadal Photography

Do you supply us with every picture from our wedding?

Images for weddings are unlimited. I eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may not contribute the best way I feel the shoot went. Of course I try to make sure I get you everything you can, and I don't limit the amount of pictures I supply to you from your wedding, but I will choose quality always.

How long do we need for the creative shoot?

I'd take all the time I can get :) But I'd budget around half an hour for your creative shoot, excluding any travel time.

What's the waiting period for our photographs?

I aim for 5-6 weeks to return our custom-edited images to you, but usually have them back within 4. As I am a full-time photographer, a large chunk of my time between weddings is dedicated to editing, meaning better quality, without the large wait.

What kind of albums do you use?

I use custom-designed Pro Albums, which are imported and are of the highest quality. I made the switch as soon as I held one of these in my hands. The albums you will receive are hard cover, hard page, printed books. I've added in some pics at the end of the post, I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do!

Do you work alone?

I usually work with an assistant, or a second shooter. Sometimes both. My fiancee both assists and second shoots for me. I love having a second shooter, as they're able to capture stolen moments which I may miss, while concentrating on the bride and groom.

Do you charge a travel fee?

My Wedding Collections include travel within Durban, but a travel fee will be charged for weddings/events outside of that area.

Do you do destination weddings?

I have been privileged enough to shoot all over South Africa, but have yet to shoot internationally. If you're asking, then yes!

What gear do you use?

After a long time using the Canon system, I've moved over to the top of the line Fuji mirrorless system. I bring along lighting suited for your venue. I have top of the line cameras and lenses. When I shoot all images are saved to two different memory cards at the same time as a precaution in case one card has errors. This feature is something only available in the most high end equipment. 

Any suggestions for our wedding?

I've written an in-depth article with many tips for brides, but as always, the biggest one is: Schedule you wedding's creative shoot around the best light! Midday is harsh, late afternoons are good but sunsets are epic.. If you aren't sure, drop me an email and we can chat about it.


How do I reserve you for our wedding day? 

I make this quite easy. The two things needed to reserve your date are the signed wedding agreement and a R1500-00 booking fee. Both can be done online. Once we have talked, emailed or video chat and made sure I have the date available and would be a good fit I'll send you a link to sign the agreement and process the payment. Once those two things are done - I will put it on my calendar and that date will be yours.