Durban Engagement Photo Shoot | Lucia & MacWalter

Definitely one of the most eventful shoots of my career! MacWalter planned to come down to Durban from Johannesburg and propose to Lucia on a lovely Friday afternoon. After we had a chat, I kept an eye on the erratic weather, which kept changing every few minutes. After walking passed me and giving me the signal, the heavens opened up over La Lucia and we all had to run as fast as we could! My camera looked like it had been dunked in the ocean, and we weren't looking much better.


After more clandestine messages, we agreed to try again the following morning, bright and early. This time the Durban weather played ball and we got some beautiful photographs of the proposal. Lucia was overjoyed and so so surprised. What an eventful trip, being the first time she had seen the ocean in real life, and then being proposed to. With a huge smile, she accepted MacWalter's proposal and we started with our engagement photoshoot. After some photographs at the beach, we made our way to Japanese Gardens, smelling fresh from the thunderstorm the night before.


An amazing shoot. Can't wait to see you guys for the wedding!