Zululand Wedding - Andrew & Sibs

Destination: Melmoth for our Zululand Wedding

6h30 on a Saturday morning. We’re packing the car, getting ready to set out on a “road-trip” to Melmoth for a Zululand Wedding, with the hopes of reaching our destination without getting too lost. Unanimously deciding not to partake in our normal caffeine fix before leaving, we were certain we’d come across a quaint little B&B at which we’d sneak in a romantic breakfast date. Soon we discovered “B&B” to the north of Durban should actually be called “B”, as Breakfast was not on offer.

The navigation on our smart phones have led us astray before, and no doubt this would be one of those times. So we backtracked to the main road and asked a local for assistance, and thankfully we were not too far from the venue, with the clock ticking on we settled for a quick KFC breakfast and coffee in the car while dirt-roading to where we needed to be.

We arrived at KwaNzimela for our Zululand Wedding with 15 minutes to spare. Yay team Photographers! Time of shoot 11h00 Photographers – Two. Hair Stylist - Zero. Makeup Artist – Zero. Location – outdoors. Weather – overcast with a few drizzles. Bride – Surprisingly chilled

Any other bride would be stressing out by now, but Sibs amazed us, and without missing a stride a few tweaks here and there. Location – changed to the chapel Makeup – by Sibs herself Hair – by friends of the bride

Crisis averted!

The wedding went off beautifully. While the guests nibbled post vows, we dragged Andrew and Sibs into a forest of sorts, where wet soggy floors were no match for this duo. We ended up getting some awesome shots within the lush green surroundings. After the reception, to take advantage of the mist enveloping the centre, the newlyweds braved the cold. A few quick shots outside and our time in Melmoth had come to an end.