Oyster Box Wedding Umhlanga | Surisha & Ashleigh

Surisha had two months together to put this amazing wedding together and she pulled it off in style with the help of the Oyster Box staff. The entire day was perfect, from the weather to the flawless execution of the wedding. If you ever meet Surisha,  you wouldn't be surprised at what she managed with the time that she had.  A true force of nature hides in her petite stature. Ashleigh is a perfect foil for Surisha, and you can tell just from the pictures that his default demeanour is joy, accompanied by a huge smile that's never far. One of my favourite takeaways from this wedding was how close these two are to their core group of friends, a tighter-knit group I haven't come across in a long while.

Oh, and the dancing.. Man the dancing was on another level...




Randhir Badal

RBadal Photography, 15 Radar Dr, Durban North, KZN, 4051, South Africa